Experience Viewer


Ro Exp viewer!
Works inside of RO!

THESE ARE FOR BETA 1 Overview of Exp Viewer: Shows you your current exp, how much exp you need for your next level, and how much exp you have gained on the last monster killed, both base and job.

You can do one of two things, Patch the Ragexe.exe and it will show it in the games window, or use windowed mode. Press alt+n to get to the menu.

Works with all patches before 122 for English and usually Japanese clients. I no longer support it starting at that patch. (Please read the Read Me for some information.)

Versions 1.2 does not work with patches<108!
Download version 1.2!
RagExp1.2.zip - 22KB for Win95/98/2K/XP
Versions 1.1.1&and below do not work with some patchs>108!
Download version 1.1.1!
RagExp1.1.1.zip - 20KB for Win95/98/2K/XP
Versions 1.1&1.0 do not work with some patchs>96!
Download version 1.1!
RagExp1.1.zip - 20KB for Win95/98/2K/XP
Download version 1.0!
RagExp1.0.zip - 15KB for Win95/98/2K/XP


  • Window Mode: 1 2
  • Patched Full Screen: 1
Version 1.2.0
      Fixed to be compatible with patch 109 (13 patch streak :-\). Also added in the option if you want collapsed and/or open window views of the internal viewer, and what you want the collapsed window to show.
Version 1.1.1
      Redid some offsets so it should now work with ALL patches from gravity. Patch 96 broke the streak from patch 42 of it working :-\
Version 1.1
      Now displays in the basic info window when inside ragnarok when it is collapsed.
      Fixed some problems with saving information about the external window.
      Changed "Patch Ragnarok Exe" to "Patch RagExe.Exe" to elliminate some confusion.
      Automatically updates the external memory values before patching the ragnarok exe because it can not be done after. (To lazy to recode some of the stuff ^_^)
      Redid the dynamic patching protocols completly to allow for a smaller dat file.
Version 1.0
      First complete release

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Tutorial on how it was made:

[Text Version] [Html Version]

Assembly Opcodes Help File:

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  Assembly Editor: [ Download ]
  Visual Basic Dlls: [ Download ]

Other External Programs

Twintop's Monster Database Author: TwinTop - Site: TwinTop Soft
This program has a pretty good listing of all monsters and information about them, although it is not all accurate.

Grf Extractor - Grf Header Information Author: Raven
This program will extract the .grf files (the files that hold all the information for Ragnarok like graphics, sprites, and some text). If you want to edit and include the files back in the game, you put them in your ragnarokdirectory/data and it will overwrite what is in the .grf. (For example, manners.txt)... I know this was made by a gleeker, but frankly, if it's a legit external program that can't be used for exploitation of other players or the server, I think it's ok, no matter who made it.
Grf Extractor 1.1, Grf Extractor 1.0
Grf Header 1.1, Grf Header 1.0

Grf Utilities Author: Artforz
Yeah, I know these programs where made by the guy that did the original bot *shrugs*. This includes another grf extractor, a sprite extractor, and a gat (map) viewer.

Ro Skinner v1 v2 Author: MaXxX
A program to help people who wish to make skins for RO.

Warp To Save Point Author: Sasami
Allows you to warp to your last save point at any time after standing still for 1 minute. This was implemented to stop abuse of this program.
1.0.1 - Fixed a bug that makes it warp you multiple times, which can cause the client to crash.
1.0 - Initial Release

Screenshot Utility Author: Sasami
Takes uncompressed screenshots for you. (It has come to my attention that you can press ctrl+printscreen to take uncompressed screenshots, so I guess the only point of my program is to remove the ragnarok webpage and timestamp.)

Winsock Packet Editor v.7a
v1.3 (Deleted)
Author: Olivier Pasqualini - Site: DOWN
This is a good packet sniffer. Version .7 alpha works on windows 2k and xp, and version 1.3 works on windows 95 and 98. I have not tested version 1.3 myself, but .7a only allows you to see outgoing packets.

Iris Author: eEye Digital Security - Site: eEye Digital Security
This is an excellent packet sniffer. You can use many different filters, it shows complete packets information, not just data section, and it shows incoming and outgoing packets. Though it may be a little more difficult to use than WPE, it's far superior.

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