if you are from gravity and trying to get latest exploits about the game, too bad you had your chances and you refused to listen or care when I told you how to fix them. It's gone now.
If you are a script kiddy trying to exploit the game further using my info, too bad to you too.

Fixed Explots:
Talk To Npcs Anywhere (On Same Map): You can talk to npcs anywhere if you are in the same map. Since portals are npcs you can jump from one map to another very quickly. FIXED SOMETIME BEFORE 5/10/02
Name Hack: Names can still easily be spoofed. FIXED AS OF 5-26-2002
Equip any equipment item in any spot: Armor can be accumulative for example, 7 plates+tsuragi=amazing combo. FIXED AS OF 5-02-2002
Dupe hack: Duplicate any amount of items you want. FIXED AS OF 5-26-2002
Roll Back Character: You can roll a character back to a previous point if you messed something up. FIXED AS OF 5-26-2002
Server Crash: Crash Server through sending invalid chat packet. FIXED AS OF 5-02-2002
Take over NPC: FIXED AS OF 5-26-2002

Little things that I think would be nice if gravity added/fixed:
View exp like alpha (my exp viewer in other words)
In pay_dun02 there is a minor bug at location 172,89 that makes you jump off the screen.
Fix the bug that makes you crash if you randomly teleport onto a portal.
Take off item disappearing.
Fix it properly so characters can get on all beds/benches/objects properly.
Weddings/marriages (bonuses and losses when not fighting with partner) (the wedding armor would also be nice to see physically in the game)
Show more models for equipment in the game
More actions/emotions. Like facial reactions - crying, blushing, yelling etc (ctrl+shift+#?). Or being able to sit any way you want no matter what class you are by pressing a number 0-9+another key when you are already sitting, like laying down, or sitting like a swordsman when a merchant etc
An npc at the entrance to boss maps telling you how much time till respawn
A way to pass your zeny around to your other characters (A bank is being rumored to be made for this.)
A way to remap your keys/macros.
An official way to submit character models that everyone else can see.
Packet encryption (will take care of bots more than likely)
Hack checks, crc checksums, etc
Admins/guards to check in on disputes and walk around and make sure no one is being harassed, cheated, etc.
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