As of 12/21/03 All beta 1 information has been removed. If there are any specific good reasons you need this, please find a way to contact sasami and she can provide them

Update on 2011-03-02: Sorry, but I actually lost all these beta files in a hard drive crash probably over 6 years ago so cannot provide them anymore.

Ragnarok Beta Files:

  English Beta 1 Client (Deleted) ragnarok_online.exe - 182MB
  English Beta 1 Patches 1-65 (Deleted) - 24MB
  Japanese Beta 1 Client (Deleted) jsetupR.exe - 204MB [Mirror]
  Japanese Beta 1 Patches 1-122 (Deleted) - 24MB


Ragnarok Alpha Files:

  Ragnarok Alpha Client
If only we could find a server! - 151MB
  Ragnarok Alpha Promotional Video - 44MB
  Alpha Music - *Sniff*... Nostalgia 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 - 19MB Total
  Gravity's Plan for Ragnarok (Not confirmed that it is real) Gravity Power Point Presentation - 764KB Total

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