Now only if I could actually get in contact with gravity and get them to fix/implement all this :)
By the way, this is all stuff that needs to be fixed in the long run for final, not things people would like fixed now like the mandragoras. So how long before someone else creates a program just like this, and releases it publicly?
All Items in red have been fixed or added
Most every single one of these I have found myself, a few of them I got from others.

Exploits that I have confirmed myself:
Fast hitting: A user can hit much faster than they should be able to.
Talk To Npcs Anywhere (On Same Map): You can talk to npcs anywhere if you are in the same map. Since portals are npcs you can jump from one map to another very quickly. FIXED SOMETIME BEFORE 5/10/02
Talk To Npcs on any map on same server: You can talk to an npc on any map as long as you are still on the same server, but your coordinates have to e close to theirs on the map they are actually on.
Warp to last save point: Everyone should know about this ^_^
Bots: Bots can easily be made because gravity doesn't try to encode packets.
Name Hack: Names can still easily be spoofed. FIXED AS OF 5-26-2002
Text Repetition: The same line of text can be repeated as many times as someone wants.
Cursing Filter Removal: The Cursing filter can easily be removed, most people already know how to do this,
Skip Patch Server: The patch server can be bypassed through the assembly or -1rag1
Text Limit Uncap: The 70 text limit can be bypassed.
Account Name Flaw: There is a very simple way to find out anyone's account name that you encounter in Ragnarok.
Preadd skill points: You can get a skill before the requirements are met. For example, vending before overweight.
Run 2 Rag Instances at once: On the same computer.
Anyone can teleport: Anyone can use teleport to teleport randomly or to their last save point.
Infinite Acolytes Warps: Acolytes can cast as many warps as they want as long as they don't go to another map or reconnect after 1 blue gem.
Equip any weapon in any spot: Armor can be accumulative for example, 7 plates+tsuragi=amazing combo. FIXED AS OF 5-02-2002
Dupe hack: Duplicate any amount of items you want. FIXED AS OF 5-26-2002
Roll Back Character: You can roll a character back to a previous point if you messed something up. FIXED AS OF 5-26-2002
Bash/Skill hack: Use bash or certain skills on any monsters or NPC anywhere on map, although you don't receive exp for it if they are outside your vision range. (But you will receive MVP exp bonus/item if you use it on them.)
Free storage: You can store all your items for free, anytime anywhere, but retrieval still costs money.
Merchant vending hack: Anyone can use merchant vending anytime, but it's a little hard to pull off.
Cart Hack: Anyone can put and pull items from their cart without having one, but you may lose your items if you don't actually own a cart and relog.
Sell Hack: You can sell to any vender NPC anywhere, including dungeons, allowing you to unload all your loot and not get overweight.
Item Pick Up/Drop Hack: You can pick up items very fast, and drop them very fast.
Server Crash: Crash Server through sending invalid chat packet. FIXED AS OF 5-02-2002
Expel Party Members: You can expel anyone in your party even if you aren't the leader.
Expel Chat owner: You can expel anyone in a chat room even if you aren't the owner.
Extra Stat Point: When creating a character you can allocate one extra stat point to one stat, and set the other stat opposite it to 0.
Map Hack: Walk around anywhere on a map without npcs or other players.

Some bot only hacks, so I never really tried them out:
Take over NPC: FIXED AS OF 5-26-2002

False Rumors:
Buy items in any map any time.
Use an item on another player or monster, IE a pot
More than 24% discount
Free skill/job points
Getting skills from another class (you can still use certain ones for free however)
Trade with anyone from anywhere.
Password stealing through chat windows
By items from an NPC that is not on their list. (some items are on their list but not visible).
Stealing passwords: There is no way anyone now can steal your password, the only thing they can do is try brute forcing. What most "hackers" do now is gather as many account names as they can, then try common passwords on all of them. Do not use obvious passwords like "qwerty" "1234" "12345" "123456" "password" "ragnarok" etc.

Unconfirmed rumors I have not yet gotten to check:
No rumors, just a few more tests I need to make before I am happy that I have found all that I can find ^_^

Some other random things I may release:
Dancing: premade dances :) many characters can all run the same dance at the same time and it would look real cool ^_^ this would be quite easy to do.
Quick spin: same concept as the dance:)

Little things that I think would be nice if gravity added/fixed:
View exp like alpha (my exp viewer in other words)
In pay_dun02 there is a minor bug at location 172,89 that makes you jump off the screen.
Fix the bug that makes you crash if you randomly teleport onto a portal.
Take off item disappearing.
Fix it properly so characters can get on all beds/benches/objects properly.
Weddings/marriages (bonuses and losses when not fighting with partner) (the wedding armor would also be nice to see physically in the game)
Show more models for equipment in the game
More actions/emotions. Like facial reactions - crying, blushing, yelling etc (ctrl+shift+#?). Or being able to sit any way you want no matter what class you are by pressing a number 0-9+another key when you are already sitting, like laying down, or sitting like a swordsman when a merchant etc
An npc at the entrance to boss maps telling you how much time till respawn
A way to pass your zeny around to your other characters (A bank is being rumored to be made for this.)
A way to remap your keys/macros.
An official way to submit character models that everyone else can see.
Packet encryption (will take care of bots more than likely)
Hack checks, crc checksums, etc
Admins/guards to check in on disputes and walk around and make sure no one is being harassed, cheated, etc.
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