Konnichiha! And welcome to Sasami's Ragnarok World. I set up this site to host many different types of files ranging from external programs to old alpha files to Ragnarok clients and patches. Some forums are also set up that I have made sure a good atmosphere is promoted inside. I have made sure that all programs hosted on my site on my server are clean of any viruses, trojans, or any other hostile type of program. I am no longer maintaining this page due to quitting the game and moving on. I have checked all the files hosted here using a firewall to make sure no connections are made, I checked API calls, and I checked the assembly code, among a few other things. I know a lot of people think all external programs contain something to steal their account, but this is not true. I am trying to remedy this myth, there are some legit programs that are not considered cheating, and those are the ones I host. While I was at it, I decided to host other tidbits such as my screenshots and some texts I have written. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for your support!


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  Programs Download the Exp viewer, and other tools.
  History A history of Hacking on RO.
  Download All of the files released by Gravities.
  Screenshots Screenshots Sasami took during her RO playing days.
  Gift Arts

Drawings that have been given to Sasami.


Suggestions I think gravity should implement, and exploits that have been fixed.

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Last up date : 7/10/2003

· 3/03/04 Site is being permanently locked up and archived. Please read this post for more information.

· 7/10/03 I'm abandoning this site and won't be checking, posting, or updating here anymore. Ragnarok is of my past and no longer of consequence to me, just for records sake, here is a post I made a bit ago at ixlair here.

· 6/13/03 Just wrote this up for the project mmorpg site for those who are wondering, and I will not release the name for now until I am sure I have it safe and copyrighted and all. *pastes*. HmmHmm, there hasn't been news in a long long while. Well.. what's going on you ask? The engine is progressing very nicely and I still have high hopes for this project but it's real hard to get anywhere with all the infernal lazy artists I work with. I know if I got this product to a state with a few maps and monsters and characters up production would just soar, but alas. I've been taking a little time off the project to go back and fix up all my old projects to make a nifty portfolio that I can submit to companies to get a job, to get the money to pay the artists and start my company up. I know it'll be a long road ahead, but I'm dedicated and willing to do what it takes to see this dream come through, no matter what obstacles get in my way. Have hope people. *extra staff stuff*.

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