· 3/03/04 Site is being permanently locked up and archived. Please read this post for more information.

· 7/10/03 I'm abandoning this site and won't be checking, posting, or updating here anymore. Ragnarok is of my past and no longer of consequence to me, just for records sake,here is a post I made a bit ago at ixlair here.

· 6/13/03 Just wrote this up for the project mmorpg site for those who are wondering, and I will not release the name for now until I am sure I have it safe and copyrighted and all. *pastes*. HmmHmm, there hasn't been news in a long long while. Well.. what's going on you ask? The engine is progressing very nicely and I still have high hopes for this project but it's real hard to get anywhere with all the infernal lazy artists I work with. I know if I got this product to a state with a few maps and monsters and characters up production would just soar, but alas. I've been taking a little time off the project to go back and fix up all my old projects to make a nifty portfolio that I can submit to companies to get a job, to get the money to pay the artists and start my company up. I know it'll be a long road ahead, but I'm dedicated and willing to do what it takes to see this dream come through, no matter what obstacles get in my way. Have hope people. *extra staff stuff*.

· 5/16/03 Well, some jerk decided to waste about 250 gigs of bandwidth on my server this month (they appear to be in japan.. don't know why anyone would have anything against me there...) so i have taken down downloads, quite frankly, I don't even know if i want to leave this site up beyond the basic old stuff, it has no use anymore. Ragnarok is a waste of everyones time that plays it, false hopes and crap. I looked around on a private server to see if anything interesting was added or new, and quite frankly, nothing special has been added since beta 1 was introduced from alpha.. besides a few minor things. I have moved on to bigger and better things, *shrugs* that's pretty much it.. oh.. matrix 2 is cool. yeah.. that's it...

· 9/12/02 Not much going on now since ragnarok is gone I guess, just added in a few new pieces of gift art. Also need to mention, if anyone needs affordable web hosting, www.deltaarc.net, and mention Sasami sent you :).

· 8/20/02 File downloads are back up. Also, if anyone has the copies of all the patches from 1-final for both japanese and/or english RO beta 1, I would appreciate them :). Just reach me on my forum. Thanks.

· 8/01/02 First, I just thought I should mention I know why the char select server bug is happening, and how to fix it, but unfortunately, Gravity will not respond to my emails offering my assistance. Secondly, I have put up a few new things on the page including 2 new pieces of art, and a gravity power point presentation. I am sorry I had to take the other official gravity downloads down this month, as my WONDERFUL hosting company, DeltaArc, has just recently gotten up an efficient bandwidth monitoring system with my help, and we realized I had already gone over 200 gigs this month, so I decided to scale back a bit :). The downloads will be back up next month though. For reference, they also host The Merchant Guild, The Library of Prontera, and Ro haven. Fun hacking in Rag all. Ja.

· 7/20/02 I have been bugged since the first day of beta 2 came out to make a warp to save update for it. I've been holding out on doing it, but I gave in and decided to look at why the warp to save program wasnt working for beta 2. I found out I only had to change a few lines to update it and did so. I had decided the only way I would release it this time though was if gravity actually supported it. The only way that would happen is if they got a couple thousand emails saying to support it so gravity would no longer have to waste time getting people unstuck, and people would get instant gratification. The moment I get an email in my mailbox from gravity saying they will support it, I will give it to them and let them release it. So stop bugging me, it's already made, now it's on gravities field. As a note, I have not come back to ragnarok, I have not played the game, nor am I coming back to the community. I just updated this because I was tired of it being requested.
GOD-POING: "First there are more and more players getting stuck. Huge amount of ppl=more than 2000 ppl a day. ... We are releasing stuck players a day,but one time. Actually we are understaffed right now due to upcoming Korean commercial, So we can't afford players to get released once in a day at present It means if you are stuck today, You will be released tomorrow. "

· 7/16/02 Hmm.... rag beta 2 came out today, few of my friends going on and checking it out... I'm forcing myself not to download it and check it out because I don't want to become addicted again. I'm afraid to say, from what I know, the bot and hack situation isn't going to be much better than it was in beta 1. I should probably take down my tools since I doubt they work with beta 2 (I would be very surprised if they would), or I could just leave this site up how it is for histories sake. I preserved a lot of what happened in the ragnarok community since before the beggining of beta. Have fun people, I hope it lasts.

· 6/26/02 For all of you that haven't tried it, life without the worries of Ragnarok is real great ;).. um... I just really wanted to update my page quickly to take down the donations page... since I quit and all... also because I have been able to get some businesses to sign up on my server and I have been able to pay the rest of it off that way combined with the donations. Thank you for those people who donated: chibi-bar, daishi, and 2 other people whom I have not had the pleasure to meet: puert and fashionablylate (if these are the wrong handles contact me and I will fix it). I hope the situation gets better sometime in rag so the rest of you who still play can keep enjoying yourselves, especially if the... rumor :)... about beta 2 coming to the US I was told about is true. Yes I know gravity announced it, that's why I call it a rumor ^_^. For those of you wondering about the mmorpg I announced, we are working on it very hard and it is coming along very nicely. A web page is being made for it, but unfortunately, I won't be able to release much information on it yet. I think the web page will be staff only for a while until we have an alpha up for playing. I also added 4 screenshots to the screenshots section so I could get them off my harddrive like all my other Ragnarok content ^_^. Have fun yall! Ja ne!

· 6/09/02 I have decided I will not be going to my forums anymore. I need to completely break every tie I have to Ragnarok to move on. I am bringing new moderators onto the staff there however to maintain the peace. I realized that since I deleted Ragnarok I can't exactly update my programs, so sorry. I guess you can just hope the exp viewer works again with new patches. I suggest trying 1.2 and 1.1.1 b/c they both may work on different patches. Make sure to keep backups of your exes. I guess this will pretty much be my last post here, just know that my programs may stop working at points with the Ragnarok exes and I no longer am supporting them. Have the best time you can playing Ragnarok, I hope it stays enjoyable for many of you.

· 6/07/02 Well, I am moving on, I have uninstalled Ragnarok off my computer and deleted everything that concerns it besides my web page backup and source codes. I will be making a new page soon to keep track of the progress of the new MMORPG that is being worked on. If anyone is very serious in working hard on a professional project and not being able to receive pay until after it receives profit, or maybe if you just want to work on it for fun, but are at least serious, please contact me on the sticked thread on my forums. I will still be hanging around in my forums, which will be my last tie to Ragnarok, and answering threads I see fit that need to be answered by myself. The last few screenshots I took in Ragnarok a while back have been uploaded. The final update to the History of the Hacking of Ragnarok page has been made, and all the information on the suggestions page pertaining to valid or invalid hacks/exploits has been removed. As a note, there are English bots on the Korean private beta 2 and all the holes I found/confirmed on the English/Japanese servers work on it too.

· 6/07/02: 12:01 AM         Well people, I said I would be giving you the new news on Friday with my decisions, so here it is. I thank everyone for all the discussion that has gone on about my proposals and they have all influenced me in a way, and it has been a very hard decision but fortunately I have had a lot of help from some very special friends of mine.
         I have decided not to release the information or hacks because I believe it will hurt the good players more than help them, and I believe gravity still wouldn't try to fix them, with their track record that is. I am not scared of gravity finding me because I doubt they would do anything anyways. They don't care AT ALL. Look at what they did to the bot creators… NOTHING. If the game goes commercial and still has the holes, that would be the time to act, paying customers do not deserve that level of crap. All you people complaining about your high level characters you did "legitly" and saying that releasing the info would hurt you, do all the bots not already hurt you more? Do they not anger you and make you wonder why you spend all your time working hard to level when they can do it with no effort? By the way, the server IS going to be reset (I have not been told this, I can not state proof, this is not a fact, this is just something I know will happen.) Although, it has been suggested to me later on to release staggered hacks and allow gravity time to fix each one, I believe the impact would be greatly lessened if they all weren't released at once and gravity would just ignore them like they usually do.
         I also would love to make the alpha server but a lot of people have been reminding me it would be copyright infringement/ plagiarism. I did not intend on remaking the alpha client, that was going to stay the same, I was just going to make my own servers that emulated the old ones, which I have come to the conclusion would be highly illegal for me to do, and I couldn't do it without gravity's permission, which I would not be able to get. I do plan however on starting the base of a company this summer with friends in which we will create our own professional mmorpg with the same feel as Ragnarok, only better in everyway… besides maybe music (the Ragnarok music is so good!). I myself have the networking, gaming, and programming knowledge to pull it off, we have some very good artists in out group, and others with awesome skills that could really help out. If we did it would be a lot like Ragnarok, player sprites on a 3d model 2d type world. This is not a definite, but a very likely plan. We will create everything from scratch and infringe on no one.
         I would like to quote something I saw Luxiana say on the Ragnarok Source boards "And what do we get at the end ? A hoard of high level players roaming around all the boss monsters, but a lot of these "players" don't even know each other, since most have been leveling up afk with a bot. There is a Ragnarok community, but it comes mostly from Alpha, and it's leaving Ragnarok. Ragnarok today has become worse then an empty shell : It's a rotten fruit"
         I have decided to fix the exp viewer whenever it breaks or any other program I have made, and beyond that no longer working on the English Beta, I am completely dropping out of the Ragnarok scene. It also may take a bit for me to fix them whenever they stop working (which has only happened 3 times out of over 60 patches) because I have lost all motivation when geared towards Ragnarok. Thank you for all your support. I will miss many of you! Ja ne!


· 6/04/02:       Well, I bet most of you never expected to see this day coming, I quit, PERMANENTLY. I may check out Ragnarok when final comes out, but I even doubt that now. Gravity has screwed my friends and I over about 50 times too many. I know for a fact Christy is always talking trash behind my back, even lying to people a lot about things gravity tell her to lie about. One night when I had discovered a new hack she really wanted to see it, I was asked to wait for her, and I ended up sitting for 2 hours waiting for her to come so I could show it to her like she asked, she never came. I can honestly say that I KNOW gravity really doesn’t care about the current users of Ragnarok, or what happens to them. They know even if they lost every current beta tester right now, they would just get more people to play when final came out and get money from them. Gravity does not care about the players that spend all their hard time playing the game to be at the top. If they did, they would get rid of hacks and bots which can accomplish the same thing with no work on the users side. It would be quite easy, a days worth of good work, to get rid of all the real bad hacks, but they don’t care. I am currently thinking about releasing all the info I know about Ragnarok. This will do 1 of these 2 things: either force gravity's hand and make them fix it, or show all the users in the community how they REALLY don’t care.
      Here’s a thought, if someone were to come out with a "hack"/external program that just prevented Ragnarok from crashing when an invalid resource were called to (like the roda frog card a few months back) gravity would call it an "emulator", immediately say to the public "don’t use it", and they wouldn’t fix the problem until they felt like it, and let all the users suffer. There is a new hack that allows people to access invalid resources and kill other real Ragnarok client's’ connections. There are MANY more hacks out there most people don’t even know about. There are many other times gravity has lied for public relations sake, one example is with bots. I know that gravity has said they will ban bot users, but they actually don’t anymore when they can avoid it. Now that I have said this, they will probably deny this, and many things I have said in this post, and try to discredit me and smooth this over as best as they can PR wise, but everything I say here I can assure you is the truth. I even know multiple instances outside of the RO world and community where gravity has lied or cheated people that ended costing others money. They are a very unprofessional and untrustworthy company. I know some of you may make the argument of me making this statement as being unprofessional, but you know what, I’m just a kid saying what is on her mind. I am not a company, I am an individual who was just trying to enjoy a game.
      I have been recently thinking about reverse engineering alpha and making my own server, it wouldn’t be exactly like the original alpha, but almost exactly like it. Just some differences in prices and damage adjustment and stuff. If anyone has any info on it, packets recorded, etc, please get in contact with me on my forums.
      I don’t know exactly what all I will be posting, releasing, making or doing, but know I will be completely done with the Ragnarok beta community by this Friday. I will be leaving my site up and devoting it to other things. Everything will at least remain up though. I’m sorry if this has disappointed some of you. I have been planning on doing this for months, but I decided I will give gravity the time to shape up, they now have till Friday. I have also heard that they are releasing the Korean final within 2 months, and that’s why they haven’t been working on helping eRO, but they also originally said final would be release in February, and IMO, Ragnarok won’t be near finished by then, and the most unprofessional thing for a company to do is release something uncompleted and ask money for it.
      Well people, good luck with RO, enjoy it while you can, it gets tiring faster than you could imagine. I will always miss alpha and the first week of beta. Ja ne.

· 6/03/02:
Ohayo! I just got back from A-Kon. I was up for 48 hours straight, got a nice 2 hour nap, then another 15 hours :) so last night i passed out for a good 13 hour sleep and here I am ^_^ nothing much new, Chibi-Bar, the third person I just offered modship at my forums just accepted. The long response was due to him being at A-Kon also >_<. I would have put up a banner here for it too… But they had problems with that which they discussed at ending ceremonies and will be remedied next year ;) That's it :)

· 5/30/02:
Well People, I am graduating tomorrow. I am finally through with the 13 year hellhole that is pre-college. All the useless busywork, pointless projects, boring unimportant classes are all behind me. After spending all my day tomorrow at graduation and with friends and family, I will be gone until Monday at A-KON (3rd largest anime convention in the US, in Dallas, Texas). I even get to be official staff without having to work during it ^_^. This is why I rushed to get some new mods on my boards. Congratulations to Daishi and Makoto! I will be moving to an engineering college after the summer, and I'm not sure how much time I will have to work on games and programming for fun, but for the next three months, I have absolutely nothing to do! No obligations at all! This will give me a lot of time to work on projects. I will get as much done as I can, but it is hard to get in the mood to work on Ragnarok programs because I am utterly tired of the game. If anything pushes me any further away from Ragnarok, I will probably be leaving, but it hasn't happened yet. I have also just moved from VB to C++ for all my Ragnarok programs for many reasons, which I will not go into here so I don't waste any extra space >_<. After I get back next week, I will finish and release version 1.0 of my ram utility. It isn't very pretty yet because I haven't mastered working with the windows GUI in C, just core stuff. I hope you all have a good weekend and kill Baphomet lots ^_^… (he was sooooo much cooler in alpha >_<). I will see you all later! Ja ne! (I think I left off a lot of stuff on this post, my computer crashed right after I finished it and before I saved it. Windows XP has been crashing A LOT, so I am formatting and going back to 2k. Word of warning, do NOT EVER "upgrade" to windows XP. Go with 2k or 98. 2k preferably if you aren't playing old DOS games.)

· 5/27/02:
I am taking down my ICQ for anyone that wanted to talk to me there. As I suspected, all I am getting now is people that can barely speak English asking very basic questions a 5 year old could figure out, or begging for programs/items. I will still leave my email up, which btw I am getting a virus a day in from people who apparently want to steal files from my computer. Don't even try, it won't work. I will respond to any emails I get from now on that I feel are valid and need to be answered. I also do not give out anything free in game anymore. I will never again after I found out most of the people I gave free stuff to cheated in any way they knew how and/or used bots. I still aim to help the Ragnarok community however I can with my knowledge, but asking me for selfish requests is inappropriate. If you want to ask something, make sure it's something that could be used on a wide scale and not just for personal use, and wouldn't be considered cheating. If you have general questions, ask on the forums. Sometimes people need to use a little common sense. Thank you.

· 5/27/02:
I added the RO Skinner to my programs section. I am also very surprised gravity rolled back the servers and actually did something for the good of the English community. go gravity.

· 5/26/02:
OH HAPPY DAY! It looks like gravity has actually fixed some of the exploits! So far I can no longer pull off the rollback, item dupe, or name hack. I will add more to this list as I retest them all. If I am wrong on any of these, please inform me. [new info] heh, found out you crash if you randomly teleport onto a portal. It also looks like they didn't fix anything else.

· 5/26/02:
You can find information on the Korean beta 2 here, and I am pretty sure we won't be seeing any of this for a LONG time. I would also like the author of ROSKIN v2.0, MaXxX, to contact me if he sees this.

· 5/23/02:
Hello everyone, a few new things I need to comment on. First, I am working on a new version of the warp to save program to make it a bit better. Secondly, Erocard just pointed out to me on my forums that you can take an uncompressed screenshot with ctrl+printscreen... wish I had known that ^_^, I guess that makes my program only useful if you don't want the Ragnarok web page and timestamp on the bottom. Thirdly, for all those people out there that use bots, I have a great game for you that's better than botting in Ragnarok! Progress Quest! And lastly... if there is anyone out there who hasn't noticed, I have my donations page up ;)

· 5/23/02: My programs seem to be working again with the new patches from gravity, and I have released a new Screenshot utility on my programs page.

· 5/19/02: I have decided to remove the link to the merchant guild site because of some very innapropriate behavior on the admins side that i will not go into.

· 5/19/02: Good Morning, sorry I didn't get around to releasing the exp viewer yesterday, I always get swamped with other things and sometimes it's hard to find the time. I have the new version released and it has some new options people have been asking for. I am NOT sure if this will work with the patch after 109, so be weary, there is a new thing I may have to add to error correct new Ragnarok patches I didn't anticipate before. Thank you for everyone whom has donated so far, I really appreciate it. I will be setting up a donors page soon for you all ^_^ arigatou! I will see if I can get a few more programs released by the end of the day. Ja ne!

· 5/18/02: Hello, I finally have a good block of free time to myself so I should have a few releases today... I apologize for anyone that has sent me an email and not gotten a response. We finally just got it up and working on the server last night. And one other piece of news, the donations page is up :-D
[edit] sorry I don't have it up yet, I can't get any work done with people always asking questions and distracting me -.- well, I ALMOST have them all finished, but there are a few quirks I have to get out, and unfortunatly, I have to leave now to get to somewhere on time to do some community service, so I will finish tonight after I get back, ja ne.

· 5/16/02: Wow, I've had the most awesome day. First I went over to a friends house and saw fight club (the second time I've seen it with him) and for the second time, it has gotten me out of a depression and made me reevaluate my current situation, thoughts, and decisions. Then after that, I went and waited in a line and in the theater for about 5 hours to see Star Wars Episode 2, which was the most kick arse movie ever made on the face of the planet, you must all go see it now! In the theater, none of that pirated divx crap. The sound system brought so much more to the movie. Anyways, I'm stopping there because I don't want to ruin anything, but the point of this is, I'm in a lot better mood and willing to work ^_^. There will be some… um… new thing added to the site soon, I'm not going to really talk about them now, you will all see soon. There is one other thing I need to mention. I bought a server a few months back and am paying a large amount of money for it so I can host myself and many friends free of charge, without banners, and on a very fast server with no limitations. I planned on just taking the loss out of my pocket cash I use to buy things for myself (that I have to earn all through a part time High School job might I add). One of my friends at my High School, the one that I am running the mud for on my server, told me that the main programmer of the mud completely relies on donations of generous people as his income. I figured I may as well do the same so I can at least break even on the server. So, long story short, I have decided to set up a paypal account for receiving donations. I would be very very appreciative if anyone would wish to donate. Thank you very much ^_^ (I will have this up later, seeing as how it is now 4am here and I JUST got back from the Star Wars movie and I haven't been home all day, and I'm a bit too tired to set it up ^_^). Have a nice day!

· 5/12/02: Have added a few more exploits to my suggestions page, and some news that depresses me very much, my exp viewer is broke again -.- this one only had like a 15 patch streak :-\ I'll find out what it is later and fix it.

· 5/11/02: Finished updating the main page's layout, added some programs on the programs page, updated the suggestions slightly, and very very very angry at the unprofessionalism gravity has been showing latly to friends, their fanbase, and the media.

· 5/10/02: Do NOT download the new "dupe hack". It is just a program thrown together by a real stupid script kiddey, whom I am not going to release his name, or site, b/c it's pointless to advertise it. After connecting to the Ragnarok game servers to make sure your account name and password is valid, it sends your account info to and does NOTHING else. It is just like the monster hack a while back. Another lesson why you should not download Ragnarok programs except from here ;) btw, I am uploading a few new ones soon made by other people. I would also like to apologize to PoPoring. I misinterpreted the intent of what she had said, but I do not retract my statement regarding the other 2 people. They are both real jerks. Now to finally get around to fixing this index page to wrap the text properly...

· 5/10/02: You know what, I quit. I'm dropping all the programs I was going to make for Ragnarok. I'm tired of some the real jerks in the community that just piss me off, and personally, I don't want to spend my time helping them. If you want a few names off the top of my head that I am thinking about right now; Eternal, Dark Warlord, and PoPoring over from pak0. I could name a hundred other people off the top of my head, but what I just read is that last straw. I am tired of the losers and rejects that come to Ragnarok just because they can't cut it in real life. I know most (hopefully) of you out there are good people, but since the good people rarely speak out over the ass holes, I never know if in fact that is true. I am still finding lots of hacks that can all be seen on my suggestions page, there are more I have found that I haven't listed yet that I will soon. I am still telling gravity about them and how to fix them. I hope you all have a nice day, especially the ass holes who will get lots of pleasure out of reading this post.

· 5/09/02: I just deleted the spoofed pictures page off my site because... well... they are real -.- I was told that they weren't real by a friend who was blatantly lied to and this angers me very very much. I am sorry about the mix-up. Some of the pictures may still be false though. The official pictures can be viewed here.

· 5/08/02: These pictures are obviously fakes, I can 100% guarantee it. They were made by ragnagate.net, whom has made up other information and screenshots before. Most, if not all, of the pictures are just copied and pasted from grf files and pictures from other games. I figured I may as well just put them up for eye candy ^_^.

· 5/05/02: After seeing large threads that have spawned again over the map hacks, myself, and hacks in general, I figure I will put in a quick word to straighten some things up. First, I am now working close with gravity on finding exploits so they will be fixed, and in the near future, most of them should be fixed. Gravity does not support any 3rd party programs at this time, as it is a beta. The dungeon maps were left out of the game purposely. It's part of the game. Changing any files that originate from inside the grf files is going against gravities wishes, but in the end, it really doesn't hurt anyone that much. For this reason I will not be releasing a good set of maps, or compiling one, seeing as I have every map in the game memorized anyways ^_^. I will be updating my history page, programs page, as well as some other things on the site soon to reflect what's going on and what I will be making. I have been asked by a gravity representative to not worry about making the bot crasher, because that issue is being resolved. If I ever did make a bot crasher, it would NOT be able to be changed to crash anyone else in the game, the client and server are being worked on to make everything 100% safe and non hackable. Thank you and have a nice day.

· 5/04/02: Lots of new stuff has happened. The ROHR texts were completely pointless, nothing new. I have been working with gravity in reguard to the hacks and I feel I will no longer need to take the course of action of releasing hacks, I believe the exploits will be fixed soon enough. I will still however still be working on non malicious 3rd party programs.

· 5/02/02: I got it. Thanks though. I have something else new i've been thinking about... and i've also been convinced by 2 people that play RO that most of you all probably already know... that are both very moral and popular... anyways, I think I may start releasing 1 malicious hack at a time, letting the server be flooded by it, then gravity will have to fix it, since gravity refuses to fix them otherwise.

· 5/02/02: 2 Things, first of all, there is still a speed hack that gravity hasn't fixed, a different exploit. Second, does anyone have a copy of thegleek chat w/ all their findings? I'm curious to see if they caught it all, and I can't find a copy of it anywhere ^_^ Please message me on the forums if anyone has it.

· 5/01/02: Sorry I haven't updated or uploaded anything in a while. After I did about a days worth of research and found all the exploits in Ragnarok I could (and confirm all the ones I had heard of) and made the program... I got kind of aggravated at realizing how easy it is to cheat your way to a high level on the game which is really bothering me... I kind of lost my initiative then to work on more programs, because when people can just cheat in a game and get to a high level, what's the point of trying to help fix the situation in other places if you can't fix the situation where it needs to be fixed, that is, malicious/cheating hacks. And you can't even ever get through to gravity to try and help. I've taken a break for a bit and played Jedi Knight 2, which is VERY pretty and fun. It uses the quake 3 engine... but... wow. So anyways, I don't know when I will get back to working on stuff, but it's kind of depressing. Damn gravity. These things would be so easy to fix too!

· 4/28/02: Check the head on the sections page, need I say more?

· 4/27/02: I have almost finished everything on the suggestions page, I may need to investigate some of the other classes besides merchant and acolyte, but I really don't see the need, basically, skills can easily be exploited. Also took down the idea about the warp on server down on the programs page, it wouldn't work.

· 4/26/02: I've gone through just about every exploit I have been able to think of and have updated the suggestions page. I am almost done, there are just a few more things to try out.

· 4/25/02: I've been playing around ALOT with Ragnarok lately to see which rumors are true and which are not as to exploits. I wish there was a way I could set up a chat with a gravity programmer and get some of this stuff fixed. I have set up a new page to include stuff like this and what I believe needs to be added and changed in Ragnarok. You can find it here

· 4/22/02: Minor fix in warp to save public version that fixes a bug that made you warp more than 1 time, which can cause the client to crash.

· 4/22/02: Warp To Last Save program up, both private and public versions.

· 4/20/02: New Version of exp viewer up that works with patch 96, and should work with all further patches from gravity, streak so far: 53 :).

· 4/20/02: It has come to my attention that apparently, bots are a big problem after all. I am extremely busy, but I will see what I can do, I have a list of the things I am working on, on the programs page.

· 4/18/02: Warning! Exp Viewers do not work with patch 96! I have a feeling it will work with the next patch though. There is something wrong in the exe gravity released.

· 4/17/02 :Uploaded new version of exp viewer, explained some things under chapter 2 of the history of hacking of Ragnarok.

· 4/4/02: Site design completed, official unveiling will be as soon as I finish the programs ^_^

· 4/2/02 :Making of the new design

· 3/3/02: Final Version Ro Exp viewer! Works inside of RO!
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