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The following is a list of all projects that may still be of interest to people. I've culled out a few dozen over the years that were either never released, are irrelevant, or are executable projects that were silly to have now that the web is commonplace.

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Professional Projects
Intellitix Thumbnail Intellitix v1.0 Downloads: Information in contents 6/1/2010-12/2013
Languages: C, C++, C#, JavaScript, Java, Flash, PHP, Perl, MySQL
A suite of products for managing ticketing and entrance into venues and providing social media and cashless solutions for (mostly) music festivals.
Current products include databases and software for “white ticketing” solutions, ID badge creation and management systems, facebook/social media technology integration, and ticket cashless/addon management.
Vintage Experience Thumbnail Vintage Experience v1.0 Downloads: None currently available 2/20/2013-5/24/2013
Languages: JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, GoLang
Software suite to run Gregory Charles’ Vintage Experience concert
Gregory Charles’ 8 million dollar Vintage Experience project. This included:
  • The primary website
  • Voting software that handled millions of web page votes in under 30 seconds, which was first deployed during the Gala Artis, a Québécois Television Award Show
  • A complete suite of control software for the stage manager to push audience content to two gigantic stage monitors and the monitors embedded in the artist’s piano
  • Mobile compatible web pages for the audience to answer live questions and send chat messages to the artist during the performance to help shape the show
  • Mobile compatible web pages for the audience to order drinks during the show, and for the staff to manage the drink orders
Websites Thumbnail Websites Downloads: Information in contents 1999-2024
A list of websites I’ve programmed
Most of the websites’ I’ve participated in as the primary programmer with information including programming languages used, the designer, creation dates, screenshots, and what I was involved in for their creation.
C2MTL Thumbnail C2MTL v1.0 Downloads: None currently available 2014-03-11-2014-05-29
Languages: JavaScript, PHP, MySQL
C2 is a business conference that has multiple conferences per year across the world. I created multiple systems for the Montreal conference
An accreditation system, a partner platform for inviting attendees and a voting interface for one of the Microsoft talks
Venue Scheduler Thumbnail Venue Scheduler v1.0 Downloads: Information in contents 3/26/2010-3/31/2010
Languages: JavaScript, PHP, MySQL
A web based application that allows for managing a venue’s daily event bookings.
It includes a printable calendar, management on a date and event/band levels, user based security, and a contact manager.
POSTGate Thumbnail POSTGate Abandoned Downloads: None currently available 5/2006-12/2006
Languages: ASM, C++, Direct3D, OpenGL, MySQL
A project I did for the last company I worked for. Basically, a company-wide solution for ticket sales. It ended up being canceled :-(.
Most of the Personal Libraries were originally written for this. Due to proprietary reasons, I am only including one of the visual interfaces I had created for this for download.
Graphics and Games
Rubix Thumbnail Rubix v1.0 Downloads: Binary May 2003-6/30/2003
Languages: C, Direct3D
Virtual Rubiks Cube with Solver
Virtual cube with multiple face and cube view rotation methods, find solution (in under 20 moves), input custom cube state, remap face colors, save/open cube states, view from multiple angles, solution tutorial, and timer
Eternal Realms Thumbnail Eternal Realms Abandoned Downloads: None currently available May 2002-9/20/2004
Languages: ASM, C++, Direct3D, GPU ASM, OpenGL
My MMORPG that never was
Project canceled. Very long story. See project content section.
Fractal Landscape Thumbnail Fractal Landscape v1.05 Downloads: Binary Source 7/2/2003-10/31/2003
Languages: C++, Direct3D, GPU ASM, OpenGL
A “high-detail” limited-size fractal landscape generator and rendering engine
Renders real-time dynamically created (diamond-square algorithm) fractal landscapes with 5 detail levels (1=barely any, 5=incredible detail).
HyNES Thumbnail HyNES v0.9.1 Downloads: Binary Mid 2000-Late 2002
Languages: VB6
My original Nintendo (NES) emulator
Very long project with lots of history. Plays (some) NES games! ^_^
Scrabble Thumbnail Scrabble v1.0 Downloads: Binary 6/24/03-7/22/03
Languages: C
Virtual Scrabble solver
Finds the word worth the most points for a scrabble board/rack state using a highly optimized brute force approach
Ragnarok Packet Sender Thumbnail Ragnarok Packet Sender v1.0 Downloads: Binary April 2002-June 2002
Languages: ASM, VB6
Reverse engineering project to send custom created packets via a shortcut key in a MMORPG client
This was beyond useful as the server liked to accept anything from the clients even if it wasn’t supposed to be allowed.
Ragnarok Experience Viewer Thumbnail Ragnarok Experience Viewer v1.2 Downloads: Binary Feb 2002-5/19/2002
Languages: ASM, VB6
Reverse engineering project to modify the way a MMORPG client engine worked
I Originally tapped the MMORPG executable memory and pulled the “hidden” character information from it. The second version edited the executable itself and had it display the information in the client’s GUI.
HackPics Thumbnail HackPics v1.01 Downloads: Binary Source Oct 2004-10/31/2004
Languages: C
Reverse engineering project to extract pictures from a PlayStation2 game
I really liked some backgrounds on a virtual computer desktop of the first .Hack PS2 games and wanted them for my computer, so I got them.
Julia Fractals Thumbnail Julia Fractals v0.61 Downloads: Binary Source 12/16/2008-1/7/2011
Languages: C
Render Julia and Mandelbrot fractals. Also includes a 3D screen saver.
This renders escape-time fractals from the Julia set, as opposed to my Fractal Landscape project which makes Random Fractals. These are basically a type of recursive math function that makes beautiful infinitely zoomable patterns.
GW2 Recipe Manager Thumbnail GW2 Recipe Manager v1.0.0.0 Downloads: Binary 2015-01-17-2015-01-17
Languages: JavaScript, PHP, MySQL
An interface to manage Recipes for Guild Wars 2. The interface allows filtering and sorting recipes by many variables. It also has user toggleable checkboxes per recipe that you can use to group and filter recipes. For example, all recipes with the first checkbox selected might be recipes your primary character already knows.

This project has 2 parts. The first pulls all of the Item and Recipe info for Guild Wars 2 into a database. The second is a client side only recipe management interface (no server processing).

I threw this together for a friend in 8 hours, as some of its functionality coincided with stuff I needed for another one of my projects. It was not meant to be pretty, so the interface is a bit spartan, and the code comments are a bit lacking. It also doesn’t check user input very thoroughly :-) .

3D Engines Thumbnail 3D Engines v1.0 Downloads: Binary Source 8/7/2005-8/9/2005
Languages: C++, Java, Flash, Direct3D
Basic software 3D polygonal rendering engines for a single mesh in: Flash, C++, Java, and then in D3D w/ C++.
This was an experiment to get some solid performance numbers from computationally expensive processes written in different languages.
WhiteNoise Thumbnail WhiteNoise v1.0 Downloads: Binary Source 5/20/02-June 2002
Languages: C, VB6
Displays TV like static across the computer monitor
Originally used for a senior English project in high school (which I may put up later), I ended up turning it into a computer language speed comparison
Picture Viewer Thumbnail Picture Viewer v1.0.1 Downloads: Binary Source 8/31/2009-9/9/2009
Languages: Python
“Picture Viewer” cycles through a compiled list of image files for viewing at set intervals. Images can also be overlaid on the screen, and this can also be used as a screen saver.
Features Include:
  • Set multiple paths to include/exclude
  • Overlay image on top of current screen
  • Select translucency of window
  • Ignoring user input when form is not selected (and quickly access form through shortcut key)
  • Sort images by (File): Path, Name, Modified Date, Created Date, Random
  • Choose where to display the image on the screen
  • Constrain image proportions (for all or only larger than screen) to fit screen
  • Display file name and save to clipboard
  • Set image cycling time and pause cycling
  • Global and local shortcut keys for most options
  • See Configuration Options for more options
GPS Mapping Thumbnail GPS Mapping v1.0 Downloads: Binary Source 11/27/2010-11/30/2010
Languages: JavaScript, Java, PHP, MySQL
Monitor android devices’ positions via Google Maps
This set of applications keeps track of a user’s current global position via GPS on their android device so their whereabouts can be monitored through a Google Maps interface. Only the current position is known, and previous positions are not logged. A person’s position cannot be viewed by another user without an access key provided during registration.
Status Hot Keys Thumbnail Status Hot Keys v1.5.2 Downloads: Binary Source 1/1/2010-1/18/2010
Languages: C
A Pidgin plugin that utilizes global shortcut keys (hotkeys) to set status and manipulate the buddy window visibility
Dynamically configure any global hot key to: Set availability status (message can be chosen many ways including via a popup); Move pidgin Buddy List to top/bottom of windows; Hide the Buddy List window or taskbar window.
Plex Playlist Importer Thumbnail Plex Playlist Importer v1.1.0.0 Downloads: Binary Source 2014/11/08-2014/11/09
Languages: Python
Import playlists into Plex
My music directories have been growing for over 2 decades in a folder based hierarchy, often using playlists for organization. Plex’s music organization is counterintuitive to this organizational structure, and Plex currently does not have an easy way to import external playlists. Hence this script was born :-)
HTTP-Forwarders Thumbnail HTTP-Forwarders v1.0.0 Downloads: Binary Source 2015-09-25-2015-09-25
Languages: PHP, GoLang
Go and PHP HTTP forwarder/proxies
Completely mirror a website on a different domain by forwarding through the server.
Ram Utility Thumbnail Ram Utility v1.0 Downloads: Binary April 2003-May 2003
Languages: C
Windows GUI and console clients to search through and edit other process memory spaces
Tutorials included in project content
LetsEncrypt Better Apache Installer Thumbnail LetsEncrypt Better Apache Installer v1.0 Downloads: Source 2015-12-05-2015-01-16
Languages: PHP
Installs SSL/HTTPS certificates via letsencrypt for all domains.
Default configuration is for cPanel.
  • This takes a single VirtualHost domain and will install certificates for all VirtualHosts on the same IP (or if requested, just the given VirtualHost)
  • This script can be run through both a bash command line (CLI), and as a web page. Parameter names use a different format for the two
  • While this script was originally designed for cPanel, it should work with any apache configuration, given the correct parameters
HTTP Zip Thumbnail HTTP Zip v1.0 Downloads: Binary Source April 2004-~4/25/2004
Languages: C
Module for listing and downloading of files within a zip file on a web server.
This is run as a CGI application and should therefore be compatible with all major web clients including IIS and Apache.
HalfKey Thumbnail HalfKey v1.0 Downloads: Binary Source 12/24/2002-12/24/2002
Languages: C
Remaps your keyboard via software to make it possible to type quickly via one hand (or remap other keys)

My best friend in college told me about a keyboard that allowed you to type with only one hand by remapping both halves of the keyboard to the other side (swapping when a toggle key is held down), so that it had a backwards QWERTY layout. So, essentially, you could reach the whole keyboard with either the right or left hand.

It will soon be expanded to instead remap keys based upon a configurable ini file so it could be used for other purposes.

Other Projects Thumbnail Other Projects Downloads: Information in contents 7/2008-Ongoing
Languages: ASM, C, PHP
Listed here are applications from posts that were [way] too small-scale to make it on to my Projects list.
See comments for a list of the applications.
ViewFonts Thumbnail ViewFonts v1.0 Downloads: Binary Source 5/25/2008-5/25/2008
Languages: VB6
View a list of system fonts
Shows all system fonts with a user given text string at a user given font size for quick lookup.
Gol10n Thumbnail Gol10n v1.1.0 Downloads: Binary Source 11/17/2023-12/17/2023
Languages: GoLang
This is a highly space and memory optimized l10n (localization) library for Go (GoLang) pronounced “Goal Ten”.

Translation strings are held, per language, in text files (either YAML or JSON), and compile into .gtr or .gtr.gz (gzip compressed) files.

Translations can be referenced in Go code either by an index, or a namespace and translation ID. Referencing by index is the fastest, most efficient, and what this library was built for. Indexes are stored as constants in generated Go dictionary files by namespace, and are also held in the dictionary.

See the github page for full documentation.

GoFasterSql Thumbnail GoFasterSql v1.2.1 Downloads: Source 12/14/2023-1/23/2024
Languages: MySQL, GoLang
GoFasterSQL is a tool designed to enhance the efficiency and simplicity of scanning SQL rows into structures.

The flaw in the native library scanning process is its repetitive and time-consuming type determination for each row scan. It must match each field’s type with its native counterpart before converting the data string (byte array). Furthermore, the requirement to specify each individual field for scanning is tedious.

GoFasterSQL instead precalculates string-to-type conversions for each field, utilizing pointers to dedicated conversion functions. This approach eliminates the need for type lookups during scanning, vastly improving performance. The library offers a 2 to 2.5 times speed increase compared to native scan methods (5*+ vs sqlx), a boost that varies with the number of items in each scan. Moreover, its automatic structure determination feature is a significant time-saver during coding.

See the github page for full documentation.

DSQL Thumbnail DSQL v2.0 Downloads: Source 2007-2014
Languages: PHP, MySQL
A MySQL library for PHP with functionality to help facilitate cleaner and quicker SQL access

I’ve found using php’s included MySQL functions to be cumbersome, take a lot more code than necessary, and create code that is not very readable. I am also not completely happy with PDO, so DSQL is my solution to this problem. I use it heavily in all of my professional web projects.

The classes in this library are written generically so they could easily be converted to any other database software.

DWCF Thumbnail DWCF v1.0 Downloads: Source 2012-2014
Languages: JavaScript, PHP
Dakusan’s Web Communication Framework
A communication framework between the client and server sides of a website with an emphasis on security.
This helps facilitate quick, clean, and secure asynchronous communication for a website via AJAX and JSON.

The PHP and JS classes are independent and not required for each other. However, some of the functionality of each of the two classes complements the other.
Other Web Scripts Thumbnail Other Web Scripts Downloads: Information in contents 2003-Ongoing
Languages: JavaScript, PHP
Any simple web scripts (PHP or JavaScript) that can be plugged in elsewhere
A menagerie of web base scripts. Besides the pluggable ones, there are also informational based ones like the date and character converters.
See content section for downloads.
Small Thumbnail Small v1.0 Downloads: Binary Source Sept 2005-Oct 2005
Languages: C
Size minimization framework for executables (For MSVC6)
Make your programs tiny
Acuity Thumbnail Acuity 90% organized Downloads: None currently available 1/2006-8/2006
Languages: VB6, VB.NET
An eye chart acuity appraisal program with multiple tests, written for my father’s optometric (eye doctor) practice
Can’t really provide much info ATM due to possible commercial applicable reasons.
Mini Acuity Thumbnail Mini Acuity v1.0.4 Downloads: Binary 4/29/2010-5/7/2010
Languages: Java
Portable eye test chart
This is an Android [phone] application that displays one random letter at a time at industry standard sizes for a patient to read for visual acuity testing purposes. It is intended for doctors to use as a portable eye test chart.
Eyes Thumbnail Eyes v1.0 Downloads: Binary Source ~Oct 1998-~Oct 1998
Languages: VB4
A desktop buddy in the form of a pair of eyeballs that follows your mouse cursor around, keeping the pupils always focused on the cursor.
The more program instances you add, the creepier it gets!
DeCrypt Thumbnail DeCrypt v1.00 Downloads: Binary Source June 2001-June 2001
Languages: Java
Solves a letter-swapping encryption
Was written for an “engineering camp”...